Jeneratiff for Rhino/Grasshopper

Jeneratiff for Rhino/Grasshopper is a software library containing components for digital design and fabrication applications relevant to architectural / engineering practice, research and education. An overview of the project’s objectives is presented in the linked article. The software is under rapid development and alpha versions are being published regularly. Being an early access / alpha product it is highly unstable so care must be taken.

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There is no documentation currently available. Tutorials and sample scripts will be posted on the blog soon.

Under Development

  • Removing native dependency on C++ 32/64 bit split binaries
  • Simplifying robotics settings to workflow towards finite state machine
  • Rewriting machine code generation for Kuka and ABB
  • Including component for waterjet cutting and shopbot code generation

Report Problems

Include the version being used short description, a snapshot and sample script that reproduces the problem and send an email contact at

Version History

jeneratiff 15.09.23.exe
jeneratiff 15.04.04.exe
jeneratiff 15.03.02.exe